Take a glass of tap water or rainwater.

Hold the cup of water in your hands and think of the most wonderful and joyous feelings: love, happiness, joy and serenity to name a few.

Visualise water in all its amazing forms, the power of the sea, the enchantment you can feel at a waterfall, the serenity of a river. Sense the power and majesty of water in all her forms.

Allow the love and joy and energy you have built up by connecting to the force of water to flow from your heart and down to your hands and ‘see’ the energy flow into the water.

Know that your water is now alive with the magic you have placed within it.  It contains the power of love and light. This will add your light to the universal subconscious and help cleanse it and bring it back to light.

Take Your Water to Water

Find a place to give back your water as a gift of Light to Mother Earth.

When you are ready,  see your feet on the Earth connecting you with our Mother Earth and that the light part of you connects with our Cosmic Mother, you are a bright and beautiful column of light. 

Then with this knowledge pour your magical gift of water back to source saying:

I am a child of the Earth and of the Stars,

I ask Mother Earth to accept this gift of love and light to heal and cleanse the water.

Every time you see water know that it holds the magic you gifted, every time you do this you enforce your magic.