Sacred Springs or Wells have always been revered and known for their healing properties.

These sacred Springs or natural wells have always been a portals of light, sacred places where you can easily access the higher realms. Here the veils are easily parted and we can reach out to spirit and receive blessings and gain inner peace. Healing Wells are a spiritual safe harbor to rest, recharge and find resolutions.

Unfortunately, many Sacred Wells have been forgotten and some forever lost.  Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and given freely to the water will cleanse any negative blockage and then with continued love and support should help the Well back to its natural energy.

Well in Canterbury, Kent, UK

How can you help?

Take small a gift, a small crystal, a flower bulb or herb to plant, a flower or a simple ribbon for a nearby tree for the spirit of the well and send love and light to reopen/energise the well.

The actual Well, with crystals charging in the water.
  • Find a Sacred Well to visit near you that you can easily go to each Moon. Go from new to full is best.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Go with at least one other person. The Power of Prayer is squared by the number of people working together.
  • If you have a crystal you can charge it to place within the Springs boundaries so that it acts as a battery of healing light for the Spring.
  • Think about how the Well feels, dowse and record your energy readings.
  • Take a moment and center yourself and know that your actions will be clearing on the mundane level as well as working on the spiritual plane.
  • Take a deep breath, connect with each other and then build up a cloud of light, see the energy in the center of you, it sparkles and grows. It begins to zing as it moves round with tiny sparkles of light. You can feel the joy and light of the energy created between you. When you feel ready bring the light down into the well. Gift the energy of love and light to the sacred spring. See the light doing what it needs to do.
  • When you feel that the love you have sent is fully absorbed into the Well and you feel ready to finish.
  • Dowse your crystal and the Well, record this. Include any feeling or visions you had when you were actively healing the Well.

If you want to heal the well but do not want to do energy work described. You can clear the Well by removing the weeds, planting a few seeds around the Well. This all counts to clearing and healing the Well.

a Well in Wales

If you go to a Well and you forgot your crystal, then find a small pebble that you like with the intention that it will act as your healing point when you leave.

Please let us know how you get on.

This poor blocked Well is in front of St Leonard’s Tower in West Malling, Kent.

There is more about St Leonard’s Well at . With a lot of information on sacred Wells and sacred sites. Definitely worth checking out.