Chapter 1

You open the door and are surprised to find yourself in a corridor of dust covered flagstones and walls decorated with ancient cobwebs, you are greeted by a tall regal looking woman, she is smiling and her green eyes are shining with the light of promise, she is dressed in a beautiful long gown of deep purple. A silver cord wraps around her waist and you can see that it is adorned with a silver Moon and tiny silver bells. “Come, the time has come” and gestures for you both to start walking. “It is time for Her Story to be told.”

Everything looks so familiar, as is the woman, though everything is dirty. “Not dirty, forgotten over time” replies your guide with sadness in her voice “This is your pathway to the Throne room, we each have our own access, after today you will make your own way. Come now is the time when Gaia’s Ouroboros heals and ancient pathways of light will be remembered again by all”

Theses words release flashes of memories of ancient places of power, you shiver as you acknowledge that destiny that has brought you to this point that you have waited aeons for.

“Yes the time of the True Ascension, She has suffered as have we, carried and born the grief of everyone who ever was. Finally, finally!” she says replying to your inner thoughts with an excitement that is contagious. You wonder who your guide really is, the power she emanates carries the air of destiny and wisdom. You know that soon nothing will be the same again.

You find yourself at a large stone archway and as you step into the throne room, the power of love and understanding immediately fills you with light and you can feel your aura expand. The light of the Great Mother permeates every part of your being, you feel yourself lighting up from within, banishing old fears, healing ancient pain. Love flows like a river cleansing and healing your natural pathways with the Universal force of Love.

In awe you look round you see that you are in a circular stone room, four large pillars of quartz stand around the room, one yellow, one red, one blue and one green, each one inscribed with ancient symbols that flash with colours and resonate their power. Love radiates from the room itself and from the large gathering of people seated in front of a podium.

You are surprised when you find yourself guided to sit, you look into your guides face and see the love and light shining out of her eyes connecting with yours, you know each other!

“Yes” replies your guide to your unspoken question and in her eyes you remember a time long ago when when you promised each other that you would meet again to bring the Goddess back to Her rightful place. Tears spring to both of your eyes, the trauma of the past gone and you know that all is as it should be. You hug each other and with a light squeeze you part and you settle down on the floor. Wonder fills you as you look around and realise that all of you there are connected from many lifetimes together.

You take notice of the Large throne and realise it is actually a tree which has grown into the shape of a throne, the trunk rises and then curve gracefully backwards to create the seat and then curves again rising for the back which then divides into branches. You are disappointed that the throne is such a dark colour it seems out of place when the room has so much light.

Three large gongs of an unseen bell bring silence and you see on the far side of the temple a figure appearing and you know the Great Mother comes, you feel yourself open to her love and tears fall down your face to again see Her after so long. Tears of joy stream down every single face present. As you see the Goddess for the first time you see that She too has tears rolling down Her beautiful face. She smiles and walks to the throne.

There before you is the Great Mother holding a wooden staff that is topped with massive blue pearl in her right hand. She wears a dress which shows her voluptuous figure, the material a blue of the deep ocean that that captures every hue of blue which shimmers with light, you can hear the energy sparkle around Her and see tiny flashes of colour that sparkle brightly within her aura. She wears a Crown of the heavens, made of the deepest blue studded with star like diamonds. You stare at the Goddess in awe.

You are overwhelmed with emotion as you know it has been too long since you found yourself this close to the Great Mother, you see the Goddess seat herself and smile looking at all her children and She too is brimming with emotion to have so many of her children before Her again. The Goddess looks straight into your eyes and you know you are finally back home where you belong.

“Welcome my children, thank you…..thank you for your love and service, the journey has been long, dark, and full of sorrow and now finally, we have the new dawn.”

She takes a moment looking into each face and seeing each heart. Smiling She continues:

“You need to remember your past and in the remembering you will regain all your gifts of wisdom, they are the treasures that you have received on the path and they will be needed for the new dawn.”

“Do you remember the beginning?” with these words She taps her staff three times and you see the blue pearl detach itself from the staff and rise high and expand in size. “We were truly at peace then. You reveled in the natural magic of the elements. Water was alive with magic and the land was such a green that it glowed with life.

Do you remember when you would sing, each one of you your own tone. Together in a circle you would sing my song. It was so beautiful and you filled my heart with joy”

As the Goddess speaks you see images appear in the pearl like a hologram. You see people coming together slowly circling , joy radiating from each face. Though instead of sound you see that each tone sung created an energy ribbon of light. Each colored by the heart of each singer, these streams of power reached out far and kept Gaia in harmony with the Great Light, our Cosmic Mother.

You take a breath as you see yourself, your body was different taller and your head larger and longer and watching this incarnation of yourself you know that this was when there were no barriers between you and your soul. The blue pearl loses its images as it shrinks down to size and reattaches to its Staff.

You feel lacking comparing yourself to the ancient priestess you saw today, your corridor was dusty, its been difficult, you have been very far removed from the joyful existence of the ancient past. Stress and drama of twenty first century is so far removed to the joy you witnessed in the blue pearl.

The Goddess chuckles, “Now all of you are far more than you have ever been”, “Your power resides in the now. Each of you still has your perfect song, take time until the next gathering to readjust, for the light and pathways to reveal themselves to you.” With these words peace settles around you.

“Remember that it was the joy of worship that created the streams of power……Be strong and bright my children.”

Gaia stands and turns to leave, gratitude fills your heart, you see Gaia pass through the archway at the back of the throne room. You and the people you have been sitting with stand, you hug each other, joy, laughter and tears flow between you.

You see the archway you passed through and as you walk through it and back down the corridor to the doorway back to your everyday life with the blessing of Gaia..

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