Sign and add your name to the scroll of the Light Warriors.

Find somewhere relaxing where you will not be disturbed. Take a moment to relax and sit comfortably. Spend a moment doing this so when you go to sign your name you are really relaxed.

Close your eyes and in the darkness of your mind where there are no walls or limits, call to the divine part of yourself.

A light, like that of a Star appears before you and grows bigger and becomes a doorway of light before you, this is an entrance to your sacred space.

As you step through the doorway it disappears (you know it will appear when you ask it too or it is time to leave).

You find yourself in a square stone chamber, there are arched openings on each of the walls and you can see the night sky in vivid details. The Stars and Galaxies seems so close that you could reach out and grab one. 

In the middle of the room is a table with a scroll along with a feather quill to write and a chair.

Though the room is sparse it does not feel empty. The room is alive with energies, the light sparkles with tiny flecks of colored light. You can feel the welcome of your return. All is perfect and a profound sense of peace fills and surrounds you. 

You feel alive and empowered by the love and all-encompassing light that permeates the room. You know this is a place of magic, a place where the Sacred Guardians see and hear all.

You seat yourself at the table and with reverence you pick up the scroll, you unravel it and read the words inscribed.

I am a child of the Earth and of the Stars. 

I reclaim my power and acknowledge the divinity within me. 

I add my name and join those in service to the light. 

I choose peace, love and unity for our Mother Earth.

I am a servant and conduit of light, a warrior of the rainbow.

As you read it you can feel the wings of destiny enfold you, you know deep inside that all your lessons have brought you here.

You pick up the feather and with reverence. As you write your name it blazes with light for the ink of your quill is light itself.  A great sense of belonging and blessings surrounds you, your heart is filled with contentment.

You see your doorway of light appear.  It is time to go.

As you pass through the doorway you turn for a last look and have a fleeting glimpse of a guardian taking the scroll you have signed.

As you come back, open your eyes and know that you blessings you received will stay with you always.

You are a warrior of the light.  All you have to do is ‘be’.

Shine your own light and be your self.