Gemini Moon Reading 2024

GEMINI Moon Chart. 6th June Time 12h 38 mins

Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto Athena Chiron

Retrograde, Saturn goes retrograde 28th June.

This is the third planetary alignment, and a marking point in humanities consciousness. We have five planets in Gemini Uranus in Taurus and conjunct Jupiter, Mars Chiron and the north node close Neptune in Pisces with Saturn and lastly Pluto in Aquarius.

This is a coming together of these magnificent energy that has a strong tilt for happiness and financial freedom.

The new Moon conjuncts Venus so feels like a time of self expression as as well as financially rewarding, money brings confidence and freedom, the down trodden. the restricted the frustrated the abused, and so much more all will be released as money allows one to make relevant changes in life. So the Moon is a whopper and time to celebrate with new found confidence. We will all know our worth, we lived it, experienced it and now we are able to help and reach out to others that need financial support.

This is the time for disclosure and its this that prompts everything into action as once we know, so much can then take place, we the people will be conscious not just for a few, but every single soul, however its up to us to keep our vibrations high so that these high frequencies remain with us.

The north node is strong this Moon and links with Mars pushing us forward we need to look after ourselves as these are such auspicious times these energies don’t usually come in ones life time so we need to be a aware of this and take care of the I. There are many people as well as the media that influence us but here we really should focus on our identification to find our true self, so many feel they know better than us but we all walk our paths and make sure that all is well for us as this raising of consciousness is what we have been waiting for, the time has arrived now we will know everything, and enter the new Earth.

Taurus Moon Reading 8 May 2024

Taurus New Moon 8TH May Time 03hours 22 mins

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
Retrograde: Pluto

This Moon is like two powerful families getting together for action and assertiveness. It feels like everyone has to be well supported, and this is actually what is occurring. We have 3 planets in Aries plus the north node, that is taking priority in ‘we the people’, indicating that we are putting our views across with objectivity, all must be fair, almost the Universe is blessing us with divine grace. Mercury makes a small connection to Jupiter ensuring our voices will be heard under the direction of Jupiter, he was powerful last Moon and again this Moon “revolution” I think is the word there’s a big push forward. The New Moon, as well as Uranus and Jupiter are all in Taurus the planet of finance and possessions. This is where we reflect on our values and resources, what do we need to make us happy? Money gives us freedom and I feel there’s going to be a big change around concerning money. Pluto makes a lovely connection with Jupiter also feels like big transformation occurring both financially but also an upgrade in consciousness and our power to really be ourselves the way God intended so great psychological growth. After all if we have money that removes so many blockages so can then focus on ourselves for further growth.

The new Moon begins with a feel good factor, yes I feel the past and all the rubbish we had to contend with is now in the past, now its money in our pockets we are free to further and pick up on ourselves, create projects, creativity and more, to move forward without a care in the world. The day is full of changes surprises by 11:19 am we should actualise this and know the changes happening for the good of all, though it may create some ripples by the afternoon 16:30 min we will know so much more also a feeling of tranquillity (Neptune) at 21:55. The Moon enters Gemini at 23h 20mins.

By the 12th May we have the first sextile the Moon, connects to Venus, trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus. Everything is running smoothly these are positive changes if we should care to implement these energies, as so much can we can accomplished today, as well as a strong platform to build our new lives all looks good and promising.

15th May is the first square and we are being asked to check all, are we happy with the way things are going? As able to make changes here, as we can see clearly. Communications are strong with lots of contacts so much going on, don’t push yourself too hard as by the end of the day we will be tired, perhaps we need to pace ourselves and all will be well.

18th May Libra Moon links with the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto, 3 powerful planets. We can achieve anything here, we have the energy and determination to see to things through, especially if it’s the completion of something, or needs our attention these can be sorted out effortlessly, we just got to watch our energies as so much energy here going full steam ahead.

23rd May Full Sagittarius Moon at 13h 53m opposes Venus, Jupiter trines Neptune sextiles Pluto.

Today is the culmination of the new Moon, this Sagittarius Moon wants to let our hair down and blow caution to the wind within relationships, if these are good then fine but if there is restriction in any way or form, then the tendency is to resist and may cause conflicts. This Moon must feel free, if this isn’t the case then it’s possibly challenging as money is not a problem and gives each of us freedom to move forward easily. But this time can also be full of love where one need to connect strongly with partners and loved ones, and we generally want to indulge in pleasant things such as dining, entertaining and anything that brings joy so lots of energy today.

26 May Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter is happy here in an air sign, and ready to assist in communications and broaden our minds, very much in this climate of change.

28th May Aquarius Moon trines Sun Venus and conjuncts Pluto, lots of energy here, the energy is one of inspiration, growth, reaching out, energies are so emotionally strong that it’s very easy to be impulsive to say the least, so we need to be careful of our actions and emotions.

By the 30th May Pisces Moon square the Sun square Venus square Jupiter, an emotional day, though it is more in line with going within to the many layers of our emotions, as well as preparing us for the coming new Moon, here we have the chance to review how we feel with clarity about loads of things, have we left the past behind, have we really released our emotional baggage, so much inward feelings it’s good to get in touch with ourselves to know ourselves as the true me begins to show, we have so much power and it’s good to realise this.

1st June Aries Moon, Sun sextiles Venus, Pluto, Moon conjunct Neptune. A day of harmony, strong convictions as well as idealistic feelings. It’s almost we know what we want and one way or another this has become part of life now, energies have risen and new spiritual growth goes hand in hand with our everyday lives, we feel good, happy and content.

4th June the Crescent Taurus Moon sextile Saturn conjunct Uranus there’s quite a strong platform here, we feel comfortable today, yet here is an element of surprise here too, so go with the day, and try to be flexible.

5th June Gemini Moon conjunct Mercury Jupiter sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto There seems to be much going on in way of communications, as well heighten awareness that enhances our transformation, it’s good to meditate and take in these energies, an amazing Moon looks like the Universe is giving us the tools to converse with our higher selves/the world of spirit, our vibrations are taking on a different tune now as we raise our vibrations, it time now for us all to be at one for the greater good, looks like it’s happening.


8 April Aries New Moon and Eclipse 2024

8th April Aries new Moon Time 18h 21 mins

Direct planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
Retrograde: Mercury

This solar eclipse is potent, a red Moon symbolises change while this new Moon is also a rebirth, a new chapter opening, and this is where the magic happens. It’s up to each of us to remain positive to gain the energy available now. If you’re negative today then this energy will have the reverse effect. This energy will take you where you focus so try to be positive.

The current planetary alignment is potent, but more than that its revolutionary, it’s not simply a change of direction. The whole system of the matrix is running out of steam, as we-the- people are changing everything through our awareness and oneness.

The hierarchy of the planets are together aligning themselves is strategic position for what is happening now. The last Moon raised our vibrations sufficiently to embrace this powerful energy, raising our consciousness substantially for this new realisation.

The last time we had an alignment like this was in 1965 when the movement for freedom was active in the 60’s, the contraceptive pill, ban the bomb was active, now we have another major move, a transformation, and great transition before us. The return of the feminine.

In this alignment we have Saturn, Mars linked also Neptune in the same house, almost feels like Hercules, his power is relentless with Saturn he’s a tyrant, but also a strategic ruler, while Neptune is refining and assisting to finish what was started several years ago all three are in Pisces, and last sign of the zodiac.

Mars and Saturn may cause enormous frustration as the stage needs to be set by Saturn while Mars Is full of energy wanting to move forward while Neptune is more focused within, patience is required, so what does this mean for us mere mortals, check out where and how we are directing our feelings, our mind’s influence our feelings, are they are own? Do they have room to move and feel outside our usual environment? Are we applying our energies the way we wish, not influenced by others or the media? We need to release the past otherwise it’s going to be challenging on the other hand if we have raised our vibrations then this energy can catapult us forward.

The North node Sun, Moon, Chiron, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are all conjunct, all indication change for we-the-people.
Venus and Pluto connect lightly a 60 degree aspect.

8th April. This Moon conjuncts the North node a massive change in direction and this will correct all the inequality, very much to do with everyone globally, as this energy is powerful beyond belief it’s important to remain positive to embrace this energy to its highest good. Try to keep your focus on what you want, set your Intention and watch it happen, note; feelings as our unconscious rises to meet out conscious minds. This is a great awakening whatever we focus on has an opportunity to manifest. There’s so much taking place right now as communications and expansion as well as massive changes that this Moon provides change in direction for all, opportunities galore.

10th April Crescent Moon Conjunct Jupiter, Uranus, also connects to Mars and Saturn, expect today to be unsettling, we are going to need patience today, as we are feeling the energy of change, patience is needed.

13th April Moon is in Gemini until 17h 45 mins a good day to communicate loads can be achieved today whatever needs to be done in record time.

15th April The first square Moon Square’s Sun, Mercury trines Mars and Neptune sextiles Jupiter and Uranus.
It’s quite a line up today we can see and feel exactly what we have implemented so far, and loads of communications here relating to whats important to each of us, the feelings of change and opportunity that this Moon provides is evident to make the most of this day as complicated matters and can easily be conveyed.

18th April A Leo Moon trine the Sun, we feel full of enthusiasm, strong and powerful in our element and confident.

19th April Sun enters Taurus at 14 hours.

21st April Jupiter, Uranus conjunction in Taurus today is beneficial big changes happening connected to resources available for the public, the sharing of wealth each according to their needs. The beginning of a tumbling down structure, Jupiter also stands for justice and the law so many things will be put right, the release of entanglement of those structures that no longer serve are being swept away, while the distribution of wealth will give us all freedom and independence.

By the 23rd April Full Scorpio Moon time 23hours 49mins squares Pluto, Moon connects to Pluto resources money wealth for all as well as we get underway from those that have held us back in terms of restrictive laws, paper work and God know what else to create a life we choose and not held bondage to lack of finances so looks like the super new Moon is creating freedom for all.

By the 29th Moon trines the Sun squares Mercury sextiles Saturn, if we are not quite happy or want to make a change this energy will do it relatively easy.

By the 1st May and first square sextile Mercury we have an opportunity to see clearly what we have what we want and Insight to make changes ready for the next Moon should we choose communications flow easily.

5th May and Cresent Moon in Aries conjunct Mars connects to Pluto, with Mars in Aries he’s in his element and helps us to feel motivated and get to our destination, with this energy and Pluto we can see and feel so much more, the dynamics have now changed as we move forward, so long as we keep our focus and intention its relatively easy, so dare to dream and make the most of this time. that gives us the tools to feel the coming new Moon

6th May Dark of the Moon links to Mercury only, so be aware of communications this could be universal energies as well as daily and important time to clear our minds and gives us the tools to feel the coming new Moon.

Zawyet El-Aryan

Something about this place has always called me. Maybe there was a war in the priesthood or a catastrophe that stopped this pyramid being built?

There is an article ‘The Archeologist’ has done a really thorough article on it as is definitely worth the read. They transcribe the original findings that were in Italian.

Abu Rawash (Roush) and Zawyet El Aryan – Solomon’s Temple Investigation Marathon 194 is another video worth watching.

The Goddess is Calling

The Goddess is calling the Warrior in YOU, to rise and use your power. You are beautiful, unique and have been born at this amazing time.

We each have the light of creation within, the ability to wish and call things to us is a natural gift that we each have.

we were born at this time of destiny to be guardians of the transition of this beautiful planet and to act as conduits of light.

When you do any prayer , meditation or just plain wishing for good things for all of us then that energy turns into a light arrow and that arrow pierces the darkness and you bring light into this world.

We each have a power to make a difference and now is the time to heal the link to the great Mother.

12 Jan 2023

Pisces Spiritual Moon Reading 10 March 2024

Pisces New Moon March the 10th time 09h 00m 2024

Planets direct: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

As you can see all the planets are moving forward, and continues till the end of April, nothing now!  Nothing can hinder our progress, no hindrances to bar our way.  If you have a task, work, or something you have been longing to get underway then this is our time, use this time wisely as it is a most potent time.  Jupiter loosely connects to Uranus the planet of change in Taurus it won’t be till April for a conjunction, though certainly worth mentioning, Jupiter expands bringing growth and wisdom, while Uranus creates changes, this is all to do with expansion and a different way of living.

This is absolutely massive, we have all the planets in alignment, while Saturn works on us revealing the many layers of just who we are, gives us an opportunity to use our potential, closely connected to this new Moon while Neptune guiding us to view the our innermost feelings and values so much and more, what this does for us is paramount coming to the surface lots of communications rapidly springing from the media.  So we will understand so much more, and with knowledge comes wisdom and a new direction for we-the-people, we will then move forward unprecedented in a way not seen before, we are in store for so much, it will be never ending, its up to each of us to use this energy wisely.

8TH March just before the new moon, Mars links to Venus so again emphasising moving forward, money for all, which we all will have, oh yes not the few but the many.   

Mars enters Aquarius on the 13th March, Venus links to Neptune bringing our ideals into reality a time for miracles.

The 14th Mars links with Pluto, watch out for arguments, and clearing as we can move mountains at this time, Pluto can be an amazing a jewel to be recognised, but if you’re going the wrong way she will indeed get  you on the right path through challenges.  

The 16th March 06h 06m recommend we try not to make plans as Moon links with Uranus so expect the unexpected although this energy is fleeting.

15th March is super, filled with enthusiasm and believe it or not patience too, so a day full of opportunities, feeling joy, feeling that life is a wow! 

Venus enters Aquarius on the 16th March again bringing hope to us all for new Earth and release of the old matrix into the golden age.

17th March Venus links to Pluto, very much about the myth of the underworld where Venus visits her sister and is stripped naked before she returns, we are being stripped of the old to make way for the new. 

The 20th March Sun enters Aries at 03h 36m and the strongest influence here is the energy of the psychic links with Neptune fine tuning our inner mystical abilities.

Followed by a eclipse of the Moon 25th March again brings much that has been hidden to the surface not nice but again clearing brings fairness justice and truth, a challenge in a way as there so much we are not aware of and this should but things right.  

28th March Sun conjuncts Mercury at 08 43 will last 3 days the 28th the strongest also Mercury and Saturn feels like we will hear something not to our liking that will take some consideration.

The 29th March brings something unexpected to the surface.

30th March is a lovely connection between the Sun and Moon making life so easy all just flows.

Moon links to Pluto on the 3rd April we need to do something with this energy, as it can over powering, otherwise we will make sure we are heard.   

The dark of the Moon is on the 8th April. The planets are Venus, Neptune and Pluto, so feels like we are being further refined within to master our power.

Scorpio Spiritual Moon Guide November 23

Scorpio new Moon 13th Nov 2023 Time 09h 27m

 Planets Direct: Mercury Venus Mars Saturn Pluto

Retrograde: Uranus Neptune-
Neptune moves direct 7th December

13th November The new Moon opposes Uranus.  A great disruption in the financial system a complete breakdown creating a new direction big time. It’s going to cause a flurry/chaos of a sort, but all will be well, and the beginning of the great transition. This is a big thrust forward for mankind and should bring in equality and justice for all, those in lack will be no more! A massive change in consciousness, a new awareness, as so much is being revealed and from the depth of our being we know this. A  massive change in consciousness, this is the big breakdown, of how we feel see, and live our lives.

14TH November Moon conjunct Mercury connects well with Venus and Jupiter.

This Moon brings benevolence and yesterday’s upheaval brings joy into the hearts of all. We are all feeling and looking forward to life, the past is over but  it’s up to us to use money wisely, respect our windfall as it’s not going to last forever.

16th November The Moon in Capricorn, Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn.

A feeling of optimism wisdom and breathe of vision as well as being grounded, so very fortunate.

18th November the Moon in Aquarius links well with the Sun Neptune, conjuncts Pluto, there’s always a challenge with Pluto.

The Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius the water bearer, air, water and earth also links to Chiron to those that hurt, all will be well as wounds are healed we are asked to go outside our usual thought patterns the “matrix” so we can accustom ourselves to the newness within and around us to know ourselves to be who we are and reclaim ore heritage.  Pluto always brings a challenge and with her transformation, she links with the north node that helps us to see and feel the future in no uncertain terms, life is still going to be bumpy yet for now all will be well

21st November Moon in Pisces square Mercury sextile Jupiter.

 The Moon feels submerged almost camouflage, we feel uncertain, communications may need patience and for us to get to the bottom of what is causing us to feel this way, yet Jupiter the great benefactor and co ruler of Pisces are also at work expanding our vision and helping us to bring all into perspective.

23rd November Moon in Aries opposes Venus and conjuncts Chiron

At the beginning of this new Moon, the Moon Venus opposed Chiron now the Moon conjuncts Chiron indicating full exposure of the wounded of the under trodden lots of healing taking place this is our resurrection.

25th November Moon in Taurus conjuncts Jupiter bringing forth our wisdom. A time of mental and inward expansion as life will be so forward now for those that choose. A most fortunate day note options and our thoughts forms both within and life’s possibilities good for businesses and also justice,

by the 26th November there is a big change almost an upheaval yet we don’t know which way its going to go, it’s almost a clearing of the way.

27th November the full Moon in Gemini opposes Mars

The new Moon was connected to Uranus the planet of disruption, now the Moon opposes Mars implementing these changes by argumentative behavior, note this is so we can take a higher ground here to see both sides of the equation and the culmination the new Moon.

29TH November Moon in Cancer oppose Venus sextiles Jupiter trine Saturn

Today we are analyzing our feelings big time and checking it’s what we want and comfortable with are we  following our intuition? We need to use our energies well as there is a  great expansion on how we feel due to the wisdom of Jupiter and grounding of Saturn, and helps our energies to manifest what we choose.

2nd December a Leo Moon trines the Sun and Mars

Feelings are optimism and enthusiasm the humps have been removed, that is if we have remained focused and determined with what we wish for. So lots of forward feelings all has a strong direction following our hearts if today feels good in our hearts then it so.

4th December Moon in Virgo trines Mercury Jupiter, sextiles Venus, square Mars opposes Saturn.

Today brings all this Moon together in a way that is pretty much basic we are now happy with all the communications taken place some of its been challenging, also still in some case’s trying to hold us back, but remember Jupiter is the boss, so with our good intentions all will be well.

9th December Moon in Scorpio sextile Mercury conjunct Venus opposes Jupiter Trines Saturn

A great depth of feeling and  heightened perception in the way we communicate with our loved ones, great enthusiasm of all this will bring about  a time of calm a knowing that all is well and strong.

11th December Dark of the Moon, the Moon squares Saturn trines Neptune sextiles Pluto. 

The dark of the Moon gives us time to reflect, we don’t have our usual energy we simply want to be, so it worth finding for ourselves the time to tie up loose ends and gives us something towards the coming new moon.

Today is assisting us to reflect on recent events, this is sometimes serious, a time to go inward and be gentle and kind to ourselves as a great transformation is taking place, and we are feeling the energies of Pluto.  

Africa is the Goddess Rising

Since the great betrayal in Atlantis, there have always been those that incarnate to work toward bringing the Goddess back to her rightful Throne.

Seeing Africa rise and begin to prosper as a whole is a symbol of the Goddess. Now is the time of the Goddess’s ascension. We have passed through darkness and tribulations and we are again in the photon light belt. Now Gaia is charged with energies and love from our cosmic Mother and she is ready to shift up.

This takes Gaia back into her natural state of blessing the Universe with the heart beat of love. Darkness or intelligent evil is doing its best to cover us with illusions and lies. However there is no stopping our evolution. In these dark times keep your vibrations high, do the things that make you feel joyful, get creative. When you find your silence and your mind is quiet you will will align to and be inspired by the Goddess Herself.

Gaia Insights

The Magic of Gaia is vast and limitless

Gaia, a force of Love for the entire Universe.

Gaia is a bountiful and beautiful water planet that we have been blessed to live on.

We have forgotten how powerful this Goddess is and Her energies have been universally missed since we dropped into time.

Being a water planet, Gaia resonates Love throughout our entire Universe, Love which connects us all.

Now She is rising and taking her rightful place in the Cosmos again. Underneath the veils of darkness you can feel the bright light of Gaia.

Unity is spreading and Love will prevail.

Remember it is Gaia’s seven forces of nature that made the Goddess Durga.