~Start Your Day With A Blessing…

Smudging is a great way to start the day, it gives focus and strengthens your connection to the higher parts of your self and the realms of Spirit.

As creatures of water and light and living in a chaotic modern day society we forget how easily we absorb outside influences.

Though we might not consciously process everything, our sub-conscious takes every single little thing in.

Negativity whether self created or from an outside force acts as an energy leech. It sucks away your dreams and positive vibe because your thoughts are reacting – resonating – with the darkness that has attached itself to you.

Smudging purifies, protects and the Morning Blessing Ritual can be seen as putting on your spiritual armor to face the challenges of the day.

Smudging over time will help to remove the blockages that hold you back: sadness, pain, anger and plain old being exhausted, even karmic issues.

What you need:

You are living magic! When you smudge you are using your fire aspect, ‘your will’ to make magic.

Everything starts with purification, keeping yourself clean from negative energies keeps your vibrations high and happy.

Smudging is a beautiful and simplistic ritual that empowers and keeps you in harmony with your true self.

Smudge stick or loose herbs.

There are lots of types of Smudge sticks, this ceremony is solely for you. There is no right or wrong its what you like working with. White Sage is known as Sacred Sage and is a beautiful way to start the day.

If you want your ritual to include your room and house then use a bigger stick.

Dish to put it on

You need a dish to put your burning smudge stick on so you don’t cover yourself and the area in ash, this also collects ash that falls from your stick.

Tealight and matches

It is easier to burn your smudge stick with a constant flame. You can always re-fire it up easily if it doesn’t burn too well to start off with.

Start your Smudging Ceremony

When you are ready take in a deep breath and focus your mind on what you want to do, which is a blessing to carry you through your day.

Light the candle and then put the end of the smudge stick into the flame and wait for a flame to appear, when the stick begins to burn I turn it so the flame covers the tip and with a small wave it should go out.

Now bathe yourself in the holy smoke, you can use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke over yourself. I like to start at my heart chakra go up until I’m smudging above my head and then go down my body and then back up again. Make sure you smudge your back.

Sometimes you might feel a tension kink! Give that another waft of the smoke.

Pop your stick on a disk or you can stand it in a cup, it should go out on its own. The rule is that the Smudge will burn for as long as is needed. I think it depends on the herb too. Lavender and Desert Sage do like to carry on burning.

You can do this anytime you want and when you feel the need. Its quite addictive because it keeps you connected and aware of your own energies. It keeps the intuitive side of yourself the space to thrive and process life’s challenges without getting into a negative spiral.

Meditate or get active with your day!