From Pyramid to Circle, Together We Rise …

goddess durga, earths seven nature spirits formed into Durga to win against the darkness
Goddess Durga, She is Gaia’s kick-arse cosmic warrior aspect!

Find inspiration and discover keys of light to empower and activate your natural magic.

Cancer Moon Spiritual Reading July 2024
Audio Reading for the Cancer New Moon 5 July by Vassoulla To work and make the most …
Gemini Moon Reading 2024
This is the third planetary alignment, and a marking point in humanities consciousness. We have five planets …
Taurus Moon Reading 8 May 2024
Taurus New Moon 8TH May Time 03hours 22 mins Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, …
8 April Aries New Moon and Eclipse 2024
8th April Aries new Moon Time 18h 21 mins Direct planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, …
Zawyet El-Aryan
Something about this place has always called me. Maybe there was a war in the priesthood or …
The Goddess is Calling
The Goddess is calling the Warrior in YOU, to rise and use your power. You are beautiful, …
Pisces Spiritual Moon Reading 10 March 2024
Pisces New Moon March the 10th time 09h 00m 2024 Planets direct: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, …
Scorpio Spiritual Moon Guide November 23
Scorpio new Moon 13th Nov 2023 Time 09h 27m  Planets Direct: Mercury Venus Mars Saturn Pluto Retrograde: Uranus …
Africa is the Goddess Rising
Since the great betrayal in Atlantis, there have always been those that incarnate to work toward bringing …
Gaia Insights
The Magic of Gaia is vast and limitless Gaia, a force of Love for the entire Universe. …
Sais, Egypt
Sais, ancient home of the Goddess Neith
Inundation Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Chess Piece?
Tower shaped piece from a board game, Egypt. Ancient Egyptian. Predynastic / early dynastic. Abydos. (Photo by …
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
A Tibetan monk who shares his story, gives insights into the Tibetan Mysteries. He shares his story …
The Illumined Ones by Grace Cooke
Grace Cooke was a British medium who worked with and taught the teachings of Silver Birch one …
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Moon & Astro News

Her Story, Gaias story from when she was the jewel of the cosmos

An interactive story to empower you and activate your natural magic.

Water is Magic

how to heal the water

Goddess’s Power Tools

Essential Oils

Herbs & Incense

Salt Power Smudging

Astro Awareness

Home of Astrological insights, current Ephemeris and a Spiritual Moon Guide.

Vassoulla is an experienced Astrologer, Tarot reader and healer.

Athena’s Library

A selection of books to read which cover Past Lives, Atlantis, Lemuria, Pyramids, and UFO’s.


A huge selection of Crystals for healing, meditation, accessing past lives and more.


Understanding the language of symbols of your dreams empowers and connects you to your inner self


The Goddess is ascending.
The first rays of the new dawn are beginning to shine.
We live on a planet of natural magic and the Goddess blesses us in a million ways from the magic of water, trees, herbs & fruits. Gaia gives us everything we need.

Goddess’s Handbag

This is our blog page, just like any handbag it is filled with many weird and wonderful things.

Magic Incense

Kyphi Incense – Using the Edfu temple recipe. A selection of Egyptian Gods and Goddess dedicated incenses too.

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