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Astro Awareness

Home of Astrological insights, current Ephemeris and a Spiritual Moon Guide.

Vassoulla is an experienced Astrologer, Tarot reader and healer.

Athena’s Library

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A selection of books to read which cover past lives, Atlantis, Lemuria and UFO’s.

Angels & Archangels

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A huge selection of Crystals for healing, meditation, accessing past lives and more.


Understanding the language of symbols of your dreams empowers and connects you to your inner self


The Goddess is ascending.
The first rays of the new dawn are beginning to shine.
We live on a planet of natural magic and the Goddess blesses us in a million ways from the magic of water, trees, herbs & fruits. Gaia gives us everything we need.

Goddess’s Handbag

This is our blog page, just like any handbag it is filled with many weird and wonderful things.

Jewels of the Firebird

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Sterling Silver Jewellery

Magic Incense

Kyphi Incense – Using the Edfu temple recipe. A selection of Egyptian Gods and Goddess dedicated incenses too.

If you would like a live reading please contact us and we will get back to you.

Astrological Overview with Vassoulla
Astro-Tarot Reading with Vassoulla
Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
Gypsy Spread Tarot Reading

Gifts of the Goddess has been created to inspire and empower with keys of light to access your own inherent wisdom. This is an amazing time and the strongest of the strong have been born.


Many things are changing and now we are back int he photon light band and we are rising with the Goddess.