Our Earth Mother known as the Goddess Mu to the ancient Egyptians, Gaia to the Greeks and also known as Terra, the living spirit of this magical water planet. Though I will address our Earth Mother as Gaia.

Gaia gives us everything. She gives us Earth, Water, Fire and Air and Spirit, She gives us life and we are all Her children.

Being at one with Gaia is healing, awesome and just beautiful. She really does give us everything we need. As a child of Gaia we each blessed with a shining soul and the gift of free will on a planet full of beauty and mystery.

Gaia has 7 spirits of nature, in ancient times we knew what and where these were and worshiped her directly and connected with each spirit. In Indian mythology the seven forces of nature became the Goddess Durga. In the Egyptian mythology the Earth Mother Mu created the 7 Lords of Maat.

So there is this whole Cosmic Warrior aspect to this Goddess. To me She is the’ Blue Pearl of the Heavens’, A tiny planet with a mighty force of love and light.

It is for this reason that Gaia was targeted and betrayed, She has suffered greatly, every child is Her child, she feels the pain of every Mother. The darkness that has continually grown since the Goddesses were overthrown is coming to an end. The dark forces are in their death throes. The Goddess will take the darkest of places back to the water for cleansing, and those that have been desperately fighting to access her ancient places will be removed.

Gaia is stronger now that She is back within the Light of the Cosmic Mother and we are already seeing huge change. Gaia is healing and sees all.

This Goddess roots the light of the Cosmic Mother, She is everything beautiful manifest, our Great Mother and reflection of the Cosmic Mother.

This is the great Ascension

Gaia will again resonate love throughout our Galaxy and through every dimension.