Heal The Water – Heal Our Earth

How to Heal the Water Heal a Sacred Well/Spring

Water sustains, cleans and soothes us. It is liquid magic, love, psychic development, seership, healing and emotions are all under the governance of water.

We live on a water planet and are 70% water.  The work of Dr Masaru Emoto with water has shown that water mirrors itself to the emotions given to it.  Water will take the form and carry that which was wished upon it.

Water is liquid love

As we lost our place and fell into time. Universal consciousness can be seen as a bright star that fell into deep water. Now that Star is hidden deep within the universal subconscious.

Enlightenment is an inner journey we travel through our darkness to find our light.

Our psyche is the biggest part of us. We know with modern science how the brain works but when we close our eyes there are no limits or walls to our minds. When we meditate or dream we cross from our awake mind to travel our own private space of the astral, your ‘light/spirit land’ for your ‘light/spirit self’.

Your heart song is your inner voice, it’s a feeling, an urge, and a connection with the ripples in the water. When we feel inspired by our heart song to do something, to call or visit someone then we can often judge and destroy that message/urge that comes from your highest self through your heart through reason.

When we reach out to each other we share the same force and keep the love flowing. If we feel inspired to do something but are held back by personal fears we unintentionally become a stagnant chalice.

The Problem

Over time terror, pain, hopelessness and fear into the universal subconscious using ley lines and important healing points. Wars, genocide, ancient and modern slavery, sexual abuse, drowning migrants, the slaughter of elephants, dolphins and whales, the list is endless. Every atrocity has imprinted itself in the water.

This tainting of the water means that instead of following our very own heart song, we encounter the fear and worry that has been imprinted into the water.  Evil has an intelligence that knows how and has blocked us from our Mother. Every evil deed has helped to create a dark net that has surrounded and imprisoned the Goddess.

We need to see the imps of disbelief, the darkness of fear that mock us and turn us away from our truth. We need to see them for what they are ‘a nothing’ given power and form by our own self.

We have the term ’empty vessel’. If the water below us is tainted with darkness and stripped of its magic and we now have the onslaught of 5G which is creates a barrier between the Earth and the Universe. Doesn’t that make us empty? Disconnected at the feet and at the crown? How can we develop and rise?

The Domino Effect

We have forgotten how amazingly powerful we are. When we stand in our own light we harmonise with love and light of all that is.

We cannot fight gung ho against an established old black guard, these black orders have been in existence since ancient times. It is a well structured and organised machine.

We can however find a small domino to push over. Small acts of love will bind with other light streams and cause a ripple in the pool. By finding a Sacred Spring/Well to heal or water source to send love and light too we are supporting, nourishing and empowering our Great Mother, slowly She is rising. 

In cleansing and healing the water and the land we cleanse and heal our self.

This is the time of the Warriors of the Rainbow, you just need love and self belief that you can and are making a difference.