There is a huge variety of Smudge Sticks to choose from which can give you different results depending on what you need from the ceremony.

There is no right or wrong, this is your smudging ceremony or ritual and it all depends on what you want to do!

You need:

An altar – a sacred space to have your items on (this could be a tray that you like and just be used for you for the purpose of your smudging ceremonies and healing the water ceremony)

Candle with matches/lighter

Smudge Bowl/Dish

Smudge Stick of choice

Feather or your hand to waft the sacred smoke about.

When you are ready

Make sure you have your alter or sacred space ready with all the items you need.

Breath in through your nose and see light pouring down through your head into your body and breathing in that light.

See that light pouring down though you and connecting with you with the Earth, this makes you a conduit of light.

On exhale breath out through your mouth and see the stale energies leave you.

Do this 3 or 5 times until you feel centered.

Now do everything with a deliberate focus on each part keeping in your intention at the forefront of your mind (purify, bless or protect).

Light your candle now take your smudge stick and let the end catch a good flame when the whole tip is covered in a small flame wave it gently and it will go out.

Now put your smudge stick into the pot or holder (this saves sparks and ash floating about and making a big mess).

With your hand or your feather waft the smoke about your self first. This smoke is now holy and will cleanse your aura of negative energies.

Start with your head and move the smoke down your body, make sure you do the back of your body too. Then once you are clean move on and smudge someone else and or a room or house.

When you are finished go back to your Alter, place your smudge bowl back on it. (have something fireproof under it if you are not using a metal tray.

Thank the Goddess, God, the Universe or The Great White Spirit, however you perceive the higher Powers make a heart felt thank you for the blessings you have just received.

It is an idea to write down a diary if you are going to be working and start smudging you will find you become increasingly aware of energies and notice when the energies change.

Smudging is empowering as it clears you to be you, it waves off those little imps of insecurity and demons of depression. It really is a fantastic start to activate your power and start working with the higher parts of yourself.