Goddess Bast, seen as a black cat, or in female form wearing a green robe. She is a warrior Goddess, She is a protectress, insightful and a Goddess of fate. She is passionate, dynamic and will keep you on your path and help you move forward.

This beautiful Goddess will guide and protect you during times of trouble and see you through the dark times. This Goddess will support all righteous action and protect you from evil and the darkness of others.

This is a Goddess that is quite hidden, though it may take some dedication to get close, don’t think for one minute She hasn’t heard you. She hears every word and sees every deed and She will help you get to higher ground.

As ‘Goddess of the Ointment Jar’ Bast governs essential oils, and the magic held within them. This also connects to her invocational name of ‘Goddess of the Green Ray’ making the most of all of Gaia’s gifts to enhance, heal and enjoy the gifts of life.

As ‘Goddess of the Dawn’ She is the power of spring and new life, helping you to make the most of each day by activating your solar self.