Bless – Purify – Use

Salt has a natural power. Its a natural mineral that we receive from the Ocean. Salt has always been very important and at times had more value that gold.

There are many references in the Bible about Salt. Salt is seen as incorruptible. It is blessed and used in Christian exorcisms and on every alter of every serious light worker.

We also have the old wives tale of throwing salt over your left shoulder into the eye of the devil.

Salt when prayed over or imbued with a higher force will receive and keep that light force alive and active. This has always been used as barriers against evil.


Natural Sea Salt – comes from the Ocean, keep us in balance and harmony with the water.

Dead Sea Salt – Land locked this sea is rich with salts and minerals.

Himalayan Dead Sea Salt – the minerals and salts from an ancient ocean when the ‘builder race’* were here.

Fine Granules, good for body scrubs and bath soaks.

Small crystals – good but they can take a while to dissolve in the bath.

Salt Chunks – only found this with Himalayan salt. This can be put round the house near doorways or windows.

Blessing the Salt

You are going to be the conduit that brings light force (or Chi energy) into the salt which activates its protective state. This will then guard you, another or your home.

Get yourself ready, put some salt in a pot or a dish. Find an area that is comfortable for you to bless your salt.

  • Take your Salt and put it in a pot or dish.
  • Take a moment to center yourself. Think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • Take your left hand (your left side is your Goddess side, where the heart is of course!). Place if over your salt take a deep breath. When you breath in see the light above you coming down through you, down your left hand over the salt. Take measured breaths and focus on your task you are now a conduit of light
  • Now bless this Salt with the power and protection of the Goddess. As you do this see the light of your words pour into the salt.

Personal Use

Salt can be used for purification bath before a meditation or working. If you want to add oils to your salt then do this before you bless it. Add a small handful to your bath (or more, bear in mind it really dries your skin) and then get in.

Make Sure – you totally immerse yourself in the bath. Hold your nose and go under! Otherwise your top chakras get left out.

Blessed Salt is powerful.

Home Protection

You can bless Salt crystals the same way and place them around the house. Put chunks near your front and back door and near windows. They will slowly shrink over time though. You can see this as them actively working.