Incense is burnt as an act of worship and reverence. It is the tool of communication for the prayer/request to divinity for help, or sending a message beyond our everyday plane to the higher realms.

Incense is made using a blend of herbs and resins blended specifically for purpose. Each incense has a unique recipe* often recipes are handed down through time.

We have recipes written on temple walls that are still made today, there are many ancient recipes that are still being made today.

The Kyphi recipe found on the walls of the Temple of the Hawk (Edfu)
God Sebek is known as ‘Lord of Incense’. He is God of vegetation and primal power. Our sense of smell connects directly with the primal part of our brain. When we work with incense we directly engage with our true self without interruption.
Egyptian Incense:
Dedicated Incense – each is a unique recipe made and charged to its names sake.
God Anubis
Goddess Bast
Goddess Ejo / Edjo / Wadjit
Goddess Hathor
Kyphi – Edfu Recipe
Goddess Isis
Goddess Nepthyss
God Osiris
God Sebek
Goddess Sekmet
Goddess Seshat
Greek Incense:
Goddess Athena
Goddess Persephone

*Kyphi is the exception as it can be used for any Goddess, God or Archangelic force.