Sebek is the son of ancient Goddess Neith, He is seen as a crocodile headed God and crocodiles are sacred to him.
Crocodiles resonate sound that travels through the water. They are amazing and protective mothers and ferocious and hidden hunters.

These aspects of the crocodile give an overall perspective of Sebek’s power. He is a guardian force, protective and unstoppable. As the loving mother aspect he will expose the parts that need dealing with and often lead you to your next step of learning.

Sobek to me is a guardian force, he protects Gaia and her waters. He is said to be the ‘Soul of Osiris’ and I think this is about him as ‘Lord of Vegetation’ and the power of water. Sometimes Osiris is seen seated on the waters of the Nun, which Sebek then guards and keeps clean by eating the fish of chaos. Or in modern language Osiris as ‘Shepherd of a Thousand Brilliant Stars’ fills the water with light and wisdom and Sebek’s protective power and governance of the water means that he deals with the darkness, fear and pain that enters and pollutes the living waters that get in the way of Osiris dream, so that waters true magic and message can flow.

He is also ‘Lord of Incense’, the interesting thing here is that the part of us that smell is the primitive part of the brain. Incense is about activating your inner light and connecting with your chosen Deity. There is no barrier.

Sebek and Anubis are brothers, they both guide and protect and they both help you find a way forward or give their light to guide you.

He is also closely connected to the Benu bird, and the inner mysteries of Sebek are found within the Benu House.

Also Lord Sebek will just start appearing in your life when He considers you ready! He is a wonderful force to work with and to welcome into your life.

For myself if i feel vulnerable and not sure how I am I go to Sebek. He is power and the warrior force of Neith, in fact he is known as ‘The Shank and Tail of Neith’. He is a force to be reckoned with and is natural order, and will remove obstacles and bring you back into alignment.