Seer Work mid 1990’s Palestine

About 20 years ago I took part in a group meditation/working with the intention of global peace and love.

There are two things that stand out and I’ve always carried with me. The first was seeing a man at a desk, everything beautiful and ornate. A wind came and the room became full of dancing rainbows making a wind making this man’s papers blow everywhere. He tried to keep things as they were.

Now it does seem that for all the efforts of keeping society the way it was, is not working – thankfully. People are standing up and changing things, look whats happening to Africa.

The second was seeing an evil worm that feeds on the misery of the Palestinian people. I knew that all the time there was unrest in Palestine we will not have peace. From that vision I’ve followed their plight.

We teach our children that two wrongs don’t make a right, and yet we have politicians who say that wrong is right.

I’ve always remembered these two parts together, we all have to be free and we will be. The Goddess is rising and will not stand for this. As the Goddess ascends so do we.