Scorpio Spiritual Moon Guide November 23

Scorpio new Moon 13th Nov 2023 Time 09h 27m

 Planets Direct: Mercury Venus Mars Saturn Pluto

Retrograde: Uranus Neptune-
Neptune moves direct 7th December

13th November The new Moon opposes Uranus.  A great disruption in the financial system a complete breakdown creating a new direction big time. It’s going to cause a flurry/chaos of a sort, but all will be well, and the beginning of the great transition. This is a big thrust forward for mankind and should bring in equality and justice for all, those in lack will be no more! A massive change in consciousness, a new awareness, as so much is being revealed and from the depth of our being we know this. A  massive change in consciousness, this is the big breakdown, of how we feel see, and live our lives.

14TH November Moon conjunct Mercury connects well with Venus and Jupiter.

This Moon brings benevolence and yesterday’s upheaval brings joy into the hearts of all. We are all feeling and looking forward to life, the past is over but  it’s up to us to use money wisely, respect our windfall as it’s not going to last forever.

16th November The Moon in Capricorn, Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn.

A feeling of optimism wisdom and breathe of vision as well as being grounded, so very fortunate.

18th November the Moon in Aquarius links well with the Sun Neptune, conjuncts Pluto, there’s always a challenge with Pluto.

The Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius the water bearer, air, water and earth also links to Chiron to those that hurt, all will be well as wounds are healed we are asked to go outside our usual thought patterns the “matrix” so we can accustom ourselves to the newness within and around us to know ourselves to be who we are and reclaim ore heritage.  Pluto always brings a challenge and with her transformation, she links with the north node that helps us to see and feel the future in no uncertain terms, life is still going to be bumpy yet for now all will be well

21st November Moon in Pisces square Mercury sextile Jupiter.

 The Moon feels submerged almost camouflage, we feel uncertain, communications may need patience and for us to get to the bottom of what is causing us to feel this way, yet Jupiter the great benefactor and co ruler of Pisces are also at work expanding our vision and helping us to bring all into perspective.

23rd November Moon in Aries opposes Venus and conjuncts Chiron

At the beginning of this new Moon, the Moon Venus opposed Chiron now the Moon conjuncts Chiron indicating full exposure of the wounded of the under trodden lots of healing taking place this is our resurrection.

25th November Moon in Taurus conjuncts Jupiter bringing forth our wisdom. A time of mental and inward expansion as life will be so forward now for those that choose. A most fortunate day note options and our thoughts forms both within and life’s possibilities good for businesses and also justice,

by the 26th November there is a big change almost an upheaval yet we don’t know which way its going to go, it’s almost a clearing of the way.

27th November the full Moon in Gemini opposes Mars

The new Moon was connected to Uranus the planet of disruption, now the Moon opposes Mars implementing these changes by argumentative behavior, note this is so we can take a higher ground here to see both sides of the equation and the culmination the new Moon.

29TH November Moon in Cancer oppose Venus sextiles Jupiter trine Saturn

Today we are analyzing our feelings big time and checking it’s what we want and comfortable with are we  following our intuition? We need to use our energies well as there is a  great expansion on how we feel due to the wisdom of Jupiter and grounding of Saturn, and helps our energies to manifest what we choose.

2nd December a Leo Moon trines the Sun and Mars

Feelings are optimism and enthusiasm the humps have been removed, that is if we have remained focused and determined with what we wish for. So lots of forward feelings all has a strong direction following our hearts if today feels good in our hearts then it so.

4th December Moon in Virgo trines Mercury Jupiter, sextiles Venus, square Mars opposes Saturn.

Today brings all this Moon together in a way that is pretty much basic we are now happy with all the communications taken place some of its been challenging, also still in some case’s trying to hold us back, but remember Jupiter is the boss, so with our good intentions all will be well.

9th December Moon in Scorpio sextile Mercury conjunct Venus opposes Jupiter Trines Saturn

A great depth of feeling and  heightened perception in the way we communicate with our loved ones, great enthusiasm of all this will bring about  a time of calm a knowing that all is well and strong.

11th December Dark of the Moon, the Moon squares Saturn trines Neptune sextiles Pluto. 

The dark of the Moon gives us time to reflect, we don’t have our usual energy we simply want to be, so it worth finding for ourselves the time to tie up loose ends and gives us something towards the coming new moon.

Today is assisting us to reflect on recent events, this is sometimes serious, a time to go inward and be gentle and kind to ourselves as a great transformation is taking place, and we are feeling the energies of Pluto.