Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

A Tibetan monk who shares his story, gives insights into the Tibetan Mysteries. He shares his story as a child joining a monastry. A time of change and they monks knew of the coming darkness.

All of his books gift us with insights into the inner mysteries of the Tibetan Monasteries. Glimpses of initiations, the mechanics of destiny and cycles of times. Journey to Venus and finding ancient technology in the mountains. So much more too. I love his books. Definitely worth buying his books.

Someone has made a website dedicated to him. With all his books. Thank you to that person! lobsangrampa.org This is an amazing site and worth having a look because they cover such a large range of topics. Even better they have an index for research. Also translated into many languages.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa Audio Book Index

Book List:

The Third Eye

Doctor from Lhasa

The Rampa Story

Cave of the Ancients

Living with the Lama

You Forever

Wisdom of the Ancients

The Saffron Robe

Chapters of Life

Beyond the Tenth

Feeding the Flame

The Hermit

The Thirteenth Candle



As it Was

I Believe

Three Lives

Tibetan Sage

A great article on him here