Pyramid Prophecies – Atlantis & Dr Ray Brown

Chapters on Edgar Cayce readings on ancient Egypt

Pyramid Prophecies by Max Toth,

In this book ‘Pyramid Prophecies’ Max Toth covers Edgar Cayce information on Atlantis, its high technology and travel.

Most importantly he has a chapter with a full interview with Dr Ray Brown, who was a physician, and adventurer/ treasure seeker.

In 1968 Dr Ray Brown with another 10 to 12 divers were looking for ship wreck treasures.  They used a magnetometer to sense ferrous metals and where they had a reading they would then search that area.  Using airlifting devices under water to remove sand.

They explored from Cuba and Cay Sal Banks. When exploring the Tongue of the Ocean they noticed that there were lots of magnetic readings and that 70 feet down the fish were disorientated.

Recreated image of hands on the stand that held the crystal ball that Dr Brown was told to take with him and never return. In fact everyone was told not to return to the area. Please watch the video below of Dr Brown being interviewed by Leonard Nimoy. You can listen to his experience from Dr Brown himself.

When researching the Blue Holes in the Bahamas for Jacque Causteau they discovered lots of fresh water coming from the deep water that would make the surface water 3 feet above the natural sea water.  Some of these water streams/ponds have a diameter of 5 miles.

In 1970 with a new team Dr Ray Brown was on a dive off of Miami. Diving he was distracted and he had to bolt for the surface as his tank was empty and got hit by a passing boat on resurfacing. Sinking to 40 feet.

During that time he had a spiritual experience/vision. From what I read seeing the beauty and perfection of a tiny fish his consciousness  connected to life in all forms round our planet and then moved out of his vision to seeing perfection of life in all its states around ours and other galaxies.

He was pulled out of the Ocean later (some said 50 minuets some said 2.5 hours.)  He began to breath with help with a resuscitator.

When a person/people have a job to do the Universe makes sure it happens!

Another time after a massive storm when they were headed back out to the tongue of the ocean they had to take shelter by the Baru Islands.  When the storm stopped they decided to dive at their original search area, their equipment was damaged or lost in the storm.

With 5 divers in the ocean, huge storm that moved huge amounts of sand. Dr Ray Brown cold see the silhouette of the pyramid because the Sun was shining brightly.

“Not all of the pyramid was exposed from the ocean floor, I could see 90 feet of the structure”

Dr Ray Brown

the surface of the pyramid was mirror like

Dr Ray Brown

Dr Ray Brown circled the capstone 3 times, the oceans current was very strong, diving down lower he saw an opening that had not been there on his previous search.

Dr Ray Brown swims through through the opening of the pyramid, to a corridor that leads to a rectangular room, with pyramid shaped roof, from the central apex of the roof came a gold colored rod with a 3” diameter.  In the center of the room there was a stand, a carved scroll where two metal hands were resting holding a crystal ball with a 3.5” diameter.

Around the room was 7 large chairs, one on a platform. These chairs were circular around the central pillar.

Dr Brown took the crystal ball and saw that the hands were burnt where they had held the crystal.

This is a picture of the crystal ball from the underwater pyramid
Yet it was a voice instructing me: “you came, and you have what you came for.  Now leave and don’t come back”Dr Ray Brown and each member had the same warning.

All the divers had similar experiences, each found an artifact.  Two had found an art gallery or a Library, another had gone into a homestead and had what appeared to be look like a calculator or remote control.

The devices found were streamlined and found on a stone table.

“Whether I truly died to get this crystal, I don’t’ know , you have to judge for yourself, 
I feel different. Since that time I’m the only one left alive of the group

Dr Ray Brown

Dr Ray Brown died on a routine dive (which didn’t seem right to his friends).

Edgar Cayce did say that in 1968 the remnants of Atlantis was found and this is when Dr Brown started to explore the Bahamas and surrounding areas.

  • Facts
  • The outside Stones were highly polished and mirror like.
  • The surface of the pyramid was white in color.
  • The surface stones had beveled edges.
  • The Capstone was Lapis Lazuli.
  • The interior floor was white.
  • Crystal ball is quartz and yet half the weight it should be.
  • Crystal Ball is a perfect sphere.
  • Interior Hall had 7 Thrones

Q: Where is the pyramid in relation to the Sargasso Sea?

A: Due East maybe 150 miles

Do you believe the crystal comes from earth?

A: No, but that’s just my opinion.

Listen to Dr Ray Brown yourself on ‘Finding Atlantis’ with Leonard Nimoy

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