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Zawyet El-Aryan

Something about this place has always called me. Maybe there was a war in the priesthood or a catastrophe that stopped this pyramid being built? There is an article ‘The Archeologist’ has done a really thorough article on it as is definitely worth the read. They transcribe the original findings that were in Italian. Abu […]

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

A Tibetan monk who shares his story, gives insights into the Tibetan Mysteries. He shares his story as a child joining a monastry. A time of change and they monks knew of the coming darkness. All of his books gift us with insights into the inner mysteries of the Tibetan Monasteries. Glimpses of initiations, the […]

The Illumined Ones by Grace Cooke

Grace Cooke was a British medium who worked with and taught the teachings of Silver Birch one of her spiritual guides. The Illumined Ones tells of two of her past lives working with the great white brotherhood.  The first part of the book tells of Graces life as Minesta a Mayan Priestess, her father in […]

Pyramid Prophecies – Atlantis & Dr Ray Brown

Pyramid Prophecies by Max Toth, In this book ‘Pyramid Prophecies’ Max Toth covers Edgar Cayce information on Atlantis, its high technology and travel. Most importantly he has a chapter with a full interview with Dr Ray Brown, who was a physician, and adventurer/ treasure seeker. In 1968 Dr Ray Brown with another 10 to 12 […]

Joan Grant

Joan Grant 12 April 1907 – 3 February 1989 Anyone who loves Egypt and feels its mystical pull will love to read any of Joan Grants books which are set in Egypt. They were publicised as historical novels however they were based on her past live memories. When the ‘Winged Pharaoh’ was printed in 1937 […]


The knowing of things with the application of morality brings the ability to see far and wide. In the seeing is the power, the ability to take the higher ground gives the lighter part of ‘self’ freedom to express his or herself. Experience turns knowledge into wisdom and often a book is the key of […]

Echoes of Thunder – Past Lives Book

Echoes of Thunder By Harry L Green, is a series of past lives. It is always wonderful to read of someones past lives because they bring the past back to life and sometimes give explanations or insights into past civilizations. I really loved this book especially reading about his life as ‘ Xanthu’, a lifetime […]