Echoes of Thunder – Past Lives Book

Echoes of Thunder By Harry L Green, is a series of past lives. It is always wonderful to read of someones past lives because they bring the past back to life and sometimes give explanations or insights into past civilizations.

I really loved this book especially reading about his life as ‘ Xanthu’, a lifetime placed about 500 million years ago. Lemuria or Mu was gone. This liftetime gives an account of the last of a race and determined female by the name of Quetzie who had a vision of the future and took her name from a great leader to come.

A dying race, this tells

“Xanthu knew how to conquer the jungle. Machines could be built which would alter the molecular structure of the growth, reducing it to rich, thick loam to nurture the crops for future generations” this brought to mind the video of Graham Hancock and the video of him speaking about the black soil found in South America called Terra Preta.

Watch from 3.33

He and his mate had not been in body when his race had scorched the old home continent while tampering with the regional magnetic field…..many escaped before the land mass broke up and finally sank.

“Have you found a way to transport us to Atlantis?”

“….on the other continent they call Atlantis….I do not go there often for it depresses me. Those of our kind are losing their ascendancy with a fast growing population. There are evil factions, and factions within factions”

“bringing basic survival equipment, portable machines and a few crystal powered energy accumulators………this enabled them to penetrate the jungle to a fairly hospitable area, clear the land………..Then the machines failed…….many machines lasted a century. but without a central power source to renew their molecular structure they ground to a halt”

“Carrying a monstrous guilt for ages of exploitation of the planet’s natives.”

I thought this was a great read and grateful the writer published this book. When the crystal powered machines are mentioned it explains the temples in India that are cut from the rock.

You can find this book online, a wonderful, eye opening and thought provoking book.