Moon Update

18th October 23 Moon enters Sagittarius life is a challenging concerning money, try a little patience as life is changing constantly and we will all be happy with the outcome.

By the 20th October and Capricorn Moon links well with Venus, Mars Jupiter and  Saturn, so I feel like we have opportunities coming our way. Note if there are any options? thinking outside our usual frame of reference, as there is always more we can apply ourselves too.  Lots of opportunities here especially with Jupiter’s assistance.

New Moon Libra 14 October 23

New Moon Libra 14th October 2023 Time 17h 55m

Planets Direct   Mercury Venus Mars Pluto

Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

14th October New Moon.  This s a bit tricky being the scales, they tip so easily. The new Moon points and opposes both Chiron and the north node, this is to do with moving forward ensuring we all have plenty financially to live our lives without these  worries .  Venus in Virgo is doing her sums to redistribute necessary wealth and opposes Saturn in Pisces, so not all will be happy about this. So although we cannot see it at the moment it’s all happening behind the scenes.   This is the main focus that will bring hope to so many, everything is going to be fair for all.

15th  October Moon enters Scorpio and we feel this drive to success, it’s important to focus on the self, and keep ourselves centered as outside influence are trying their best to cause a turbulence, all we have to do is keep focused on what we each need at this time.

Revelations of Pluto

Revelations of Pluto

The Greek Lord of the Underworld is called Hades also Pluto which means riches. Although s/he is terrifying, he is the twin brother of Jupiter the great giver of wisdom and expansion. And perhaps even stronger for he/r rules are never changing.

Hades was given no altar for us to worship like the other Gods and Goddess instead we have the eternal seed of death within us that needs to be acknowledge and respected with such reverence, he’s everywhere and nowhere to be seen. 

Born from the eternal Mother all the challenging aspects of human life are born, from old age, death, dreams, discord, the Erinyes, the Moirai, the Gorgons all sprang from her womb with so much anger, resentment, jealousy and frustration and darkness, rage, depression. This is the will of the dark yet rich Goddess and not the ego, once in the realms of Pluto we have no choice but to listen, because Pluto is the God/dess of invisibility for he wears a helmet of invisibility when s/he comes to the surface regions of the Earth. 

     These qualities are mostly unseen and repressed from life’s often tragic events in life, they remain hidden secret and put aside so we can move forward with the demands of our lives. Yet when there is a transit of Pluto up she comes to torment us with depression, anxiety, sorrow, restriction, rage, this is a great passion yet there’s no way out, it causes a type of death, a transformation.

Something has to give and it’s not Pluto so we have to surrender to this disruptive energy as we are stripped of everything that is superficial or no longer serves. it’s not a choice we have, we have to bow down in humiliation to retrieve ourselves to release and, leave our lives to the secret fate there’s just no choice. However, there is a choice called Eumenides (three kindly ladies, as opposed to the vengeful ladies called the Erinyes the terrible avengers of the mother), to offset the horror.  How do we do this? Well, we need to acknowledge whatever we are going through and accept  there is no way out, and off set it with an affirmation or any phrase or word that gives comfort, so although things are almost tragic it makes us so aware  that we are more conscious of whats going on within, and acceptance.

The daughters of Nyx and Goddess’s night are called MOIRAI or Erinyes or triple faced Hekate they are three in form and represent the three lunar phases the crescent, full, and dark of the Moon these in turn represent maiden fruitful wife and crone old age.

In Sumerian age that predates the Greek myth by some centuries the great Goddess was then called Ereshkigal (means Lady of the Great Place Below) who ruled the underworld of dead Ereshkigal had many servants and male adviser called Namtar whose name means fate, so there’s connection to the great place below and fate.

The Sumerian Queen of Heaven Inanna visits her sister in order to pay her respects to her sister’s late husband and is treated accorded to custom she is stripped naked and make to bow before her sister Ereshkigal.

This is basically the totality of us, our secrets our hidden from view, only to show up years later. Once we have traveled to the underworld we never come back the same way, we have to acknowledge so many different aspects of ourselves, we return naked, nothing left of the old self. So we receive a transformation, these revelations  are hidden from view, at another time we don’t even know we are there, other times we can acknowledge this fear, this darkness or negative energies and realise we have a choice of accepting and going through what feels like an eternity! We are there, we accept and go thought the rituals of release the goddess demands all to be released.   We can do it the hard way or the conscious way, but it has to be done.

Val 13th Sep 2023

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Goddess Seshat – Putting a Line Under It

The Goddess Seshat is an ancient Egyptian Goddess. Her cord was used to lay the foundations of the temple, She is Goddess of all things.

Her cord stretches and separates light into different rays. It is like a line that can be shaped into any symbol, hence her presiding over writing. This ancient Matriarchal Goddess is gentle, wise and true in her ways.

They say Seshat is the wife of Thoth, though I suspect that when we were matriarchal learning was a more gentle path. Where as Thoth is the male side of Seshat’s coin.

As Goddess of the scrolls her cord is our life path. Destiny is a living force that binds us together. Seshat will teach you to be organised, to understand and give you perspective on where you are and help you to understand your karmic past that is relevant to your now.

Wisdom is created through the tribulations of life. We only seem to learn when times are tough. Face your challenge with courage, understand the lessons of that particular life experience and then use Seshat’s cord to put a line under it. That experience does not need to be held of carried. Let it go and take your gem of wisdom!

2 May 2023

Seer Work mid 1990’s Palestine

About 20 years ago I took part in a group meditation/working with the intention of global peace and love.

There are two things that stand out and I’ve always carried with me. The first was seeing a man at a desk, everything beautiful and ornate. A wind came and the room became full of dancing rainbows making a wind making this man’s papers blow everywhere. He tried to keep things as they were.

Now it does seem that for all the efforts of keeping society the way it was, is not working – thankfully. People are standing up and changing things, look whats happening to Africa.

The second was seeing an evil worm that feeds on the misery of the Palestinian people. I knew that all the time there was unrest in Palestine we will not have peace. From that vision I’ve followed their plight.

We teach our children that two wrongs don’t make a right, and yet we have politicians who say that wrong is right.

I’ve always remembered these two parts together, we all have to be free and we will be. The Goddess is rising and will not stand for this. As the Goddess ascends so do we.

Make A Wish

A heart-felt wish with pure intention will come true.
The magic lives in you x

What is a Wish?

A wish is asking for magic to bring something to you that can seem impossible.

A real wish comes from the heart. It is the voice of your soul that inspires you to want more. Often it’s a secret want that have held close for a very long time. 

Sometimes wishing is a call to destiny to get you back on track to your rightful path.

What is Magic?

Magic is a name we give to the understanding that everything is connected, a force that we can all tap into. We can create what we wish knowing the power lies within. The concept at work here is: ‘I think, therefore I am’.   

In focusing, you are creating a positive vibration and with your belief manifest your will. Wanting and focusing on something driven by love and light will attract what you want, making things happen the unconventional way!

Things to Consider When Making Your Wish

We are spiritual beings whose limits are the ones we place upon ourselves. We have forgotten the magic we hold inside.  We can make life as we want it to be, doesn’t mean to say you can have what you want work free! 

You can only wish for yourself. 

If you find yourself in a hard time for example you are in a relationship which fails, to wish that person back into your life interferes with that persons free will and constitutes dark magic. Instead you could use something like:

‘I wish to be in a joyful and intimate relationship which flows with love’

‘I wish to be in a relationship with someone who can be my best friend and lover’

Sometimes life hands out difficult times and it is always in those times that we have soul/karmic lessons that you just have to work through them and eventually life moves on. 

You never know what is round the corner, sometimes you just have to trust that the Goddess really does have a plan for you. (How you see the Divine is a personal vision and connection. There is no right or wrong just what feels right for you in your heart.)

Words of Warning:

Make sure your wish is positive and solely for yourself.  

Do not wish for another and remember that if you ever interfere with another’s free will it will rebound on you. 

If you wish to harm someone or bring misfortune to their door it will bring evil to your own door, into your heart and stain your soul for lifetimes to come.  Ultimately live and let live.

If you want to wish something positive for someone it would still be wrong, pass this on to them and then they can use their free will to choose to make a wish or not.


What are you wishing for?

Think about what you really want and how you want to express that in words.

Take time to centre yourself

Write your wish on a small piece of paper.

Hide your wish – it is very important that it remain secret until the wish is fulfilled.

Do not speak of your wish – if you do if will interfere and stop your wish coming true!

Every time you pass your hidden wish, know it is there you will add power for your wish to come true.

When your wish has come true

Take your written wish from its hiding place. Take it outside and burn it and let the wind take the ash.

Say a heartfelt thank you to the Universe (or however you see the Divine) and let the wind take the ash. 

When you are ready or when you want to you can make another wish.

Please let me know how you get on, any questions let me know and I will use them to improve this instruction sheet.

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Echoes of Thunder – Past Lives Book

Echoes of Thunder By Harry L Green, is a series of past lives. It is always wonderful to read of someones past lives because they bring the past back to life and sometimes give explanations or insights into past civilizations.

I really loved this book especially reading about his life as ‘ Xanthu’, a lifetime placed about 500 million years ago. Lemuria or Mu was gone. This liftetime gives an account of the last of a race and determined female by the name of Quetzie who had a vision of the future and took her name from a great leader to come.

A dying race, this tells

“Xanthu knew how to conquer the jungle. Machines could be built which would alter the molecular structure of the growth, reducing it to rich, thick loam to nurture the crops for future generations” this brought to mind the video of Graham Hancock and the video of him speaking about the black soil found in South America called Terra Preta.

Watch from 3.33

He and his mate had not been in body when his race had scorched the old home continent while tampering with the regional magnetic field…..many escaped before the land mass broke up and finally sank.

“Have you found a way to transport us to Atlantis?”

“….on the other continent they call Atlantis….I do not go there often for it depresses me. Those of our kind are losing their ascendancy with a fast growing population. There are evil factions, and factions within factions”

“bringing basic survival equipment, portable machines and a few crystal powered energy accumulators………this enabled them to penetrate the jungle to a fairly hospitable area, clear the land………..Then the machines failed…….many machines lasted a century. but without a central power source to renew their molecular structure they ground to a halt”

“Carrying a monstrous guilt for ages of exploitation of the planet’s natives.”

I thought this was a great read and grateful the writer published this book. When the crystal powered machines are mentioned it explains the temples in India that are cut from the rock.

You can find this book online, a wonderful, eye opening and thought provoking book.