Moon Guide 14 December 2020

Discover and work with this Lunar cycle, Moon phase by Moon phase by Vassoulla from an experienced astrologer who shares her Moon readings with us here at Gifts of the Goddess – Thank you. Vassoulla is an experienced astrologer, tarot reader and healer. The insights into the Moons journey through the zodiac helps you to learn the lessons given with each important cycle and gives a pathway forward to work with universal energies through the Moon. We are made of 70% water!!!

Sagittarius Moon 14th December 2020 Time 16:17 00 – Moon Guide to make the most of this lunar cycle by Vassoulla.

 Direct Planets: Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Athena

Retrograde: Uranus, Mercury

 The planets are now coming into alignment for the final finale, it’s the beginning of a new Earth that will reveal its self after the 21st December and the days that follow, the 1st of January finally brings us into the Universal light. 

This solar eclipse is revealing our power, everything taking place is taking us to what we are, our true authentic selves, raising our consciousness all according to our merit, from under world to over world.

Solar eclipse 14th December 2020.  The New Moon is exposing the darkness and close to Mercury opposes the north node.  This is promoting our awareness as so much information is coming to the surface exposing the truth, and from here on will show the many layers covering democracy and the underworld.  it’s not easy.  I think we will all be shocked as so much is revealed to us, there’s so much that could have made life easier, and life will won’t be the same after the 21st, much that has been long hidden comes hand in hand with the truth its basically the only way. 

As we move onto the 16th December again information coming through, its deep, passionate, strong and unyielding, we need to be careful how we communicate as its possible words can out of hand due to so much intensity best to use our energy in a way that can be positive, using our creative powers in a focused way so this energy is channeled positively. 

 The 17th December Saturn enters Aquarius and we get a different  slant here. This is all to do with being more social, away from the focus of ourselves and more with groups, co-operations working with other for the benefit of mankind no matter what we each do. This transit of Saturn in Aquarius we will love,  yet we will still need time to retreat and restore our energies, so this is quite major, and moves well with the new Earth that is on our door step.

The Sun also enters Sagittarius on the 19th December we are kind of getting a handle on all that has been released so far and feeling more confident as we dare to spread our wings, Jupiter also enters Aquarius on the 19th December and again Jupiter is much happier here as Jupiter is social, loves the media, loves to help and will do it gladly yet just to begin with, we will have to be patient, as we need get the equations right and this is also the influence of Saturn however it wont last for long.

 The 21 December and first quarter Moon is the big reveal, and the alignment of the planets, but no ordinary alignment this is the alignment of the different dimensions and frequencies of these planets all synchronised to release there light in one big boom, hence the light, the  awakening because then we will know! This is where we see clearly, we are not going to like it, but remember whenever there is a change everything around that is familiar will change to bring balance and harmony once more.

This is the last bit of the puzzle take in the information try not to be alarmed  or be in fear for everything has it purpose and will bring us to the great  reset, where we  will all be financially secure,  please be aware when the reset begins everything will be closed, and  connects, it’s all  part of the big plan to bring fairness to the world so sit tight, there are disruptions know that  once everything has settled all will be well.

The 24th December and Taurus Moon we are getting more aligned with what is taking place yet there are still some frustrations taking place this is so challenging as we feel we want to spread our wings yet life feels tight so hang in there.

The 30th December and Full Cancer Moon opposes Mercury and trines Neptune.  Today is the culmination to the new Moon we began this cycle with anticipation and is now fully revealed, there is an element of hope in the air as so much communications taking place checking out so much as everything has completely changed for the better amongst the debris, and ready to step into our new world we have created as the movement of we-the-people. 

This Cancer Moon is nurturing and we can do just that, and should with our intentions give ourselves anything we need.  But you know we haven’t seen anything yet as so much is to come to light, its going to be unbelievable free energy, lots of new technologies will now be released in 2021 now is our time! 

 As we move to the 4th January 2021 There’s going to be much more clarity, I say this only because there has been so any disruption yet now, we can see clearly, perhaps we need to revalue our feelings, as much will have changed due to these upheavals but we can do it!

The 6th January is the 2nd quarter and Libra Moon to do with justice that is now in our lap although keeping ourselves balanced is not easy, the best we can do is to keep focused on ourselves and keep centered so we keep our balance.

The 8th January is powerful Scorpio Moon and blends well with the Sun and Neptune and happy with the way events are unfolding.

The 10th January and Crescent Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune again more information yet to come, I feel this is a time for us to resonate with all the happenings and very wise to take in some quiet moments. 

The 11th January and dark of a Sagittarius Moon, and changes signs at 1 30 pm into Capricorn time to focus within, so serious thought going into this dark of the Moon.