Goddess Seshat – Putting a Line Under It

The Goddess Seshat is an ancient Egyptian Goddess. Her cord was used to lay the foundations of the temple, She is Goddess of all things.

Her cord stretches and separates light into different rays. It is like a line that can be shaped into any symbol, hence her presiding over writing. This ancient Matriarchal Goddess is gentle, wise and true in her ways.

They say Seshat is the wife of Thoth, though I suspect that when we were matriarchal learning was a more gentle path. Where as Thoth is the male side of Seshat’s coin.

As Goddess of the scrolls her cord is our life path. Destiny is a living force that binds us together. Seshat will teach you to be organised, to understand and give you perspective on where you are and help you to understand your karmic past that is relevant to your now.

Wisdom is created through the tribulations of life. We only seem to learn when times are tough. Face your challenge with courage, understand the lessons of that particular life experience and then use Seshat’s cord to put a line under it. That experience does not need to be held of carried. Let it go and take your gem of wisdom!

2 May 2023