Revelations of Pluto

Revelations of Pluto

The Greek Lord of the Underworld is called Hades also Pluto which means riches. Although s/he is terrifying, he is the twin brother of Jupiter the great giver of wisdom and expansion. And perhaps even stronger for he/r rules are never changing.

Hades was given no altar for us to worship like the other Gods and Goddess instead we have the eternal seed of death within us that needs to be acknowledge and respected with such reverence, he’s everywhere and nowhere to be seen. 

Born from the eternal Mother all the challenging aspects of human life are born, from old age, death, dreams, discord, the Erinyes, the Moirai, the Gorgons all sprang from her womb with so much anger, resentment, jealousy and frustration and darkness, rage, depression. This is the will of the dark yet rich Goddess and not the ego, once in the realms of Pluto we have no choice but to listen, because Pluto is the God/dess of invisibility for he wears a helmet of invisibility when s/he comes to the surface regions of the Earth. 

     These qualities are mostly unseen and repressed from life’s often tragic events in life, they remain hidden secret and put aside so we can move forward with the demands of our lives. Yet when there is a transit of Pluto up she comes to torment us with depression, anxiety, sorrow, restriction, rage, this is a great passion yet there’s no way out, it causes a type of death, a transformation.

Something has to give and it’s not Pluto so we have to surrender to this disruptive energy as we are stripped of everything that is superficial or no longer serves. it’s not a choice we have, we have to bow down in humiliation to retrieve ourselves to release and, leave our lives to the secret fate there’s just no choice. However, there is a choice called Eumenides (three kindly ladies, as opposed to the vengeful ladies called the Erinyes the terrible avengers of the mother), to offset the horror.  How do we do this? Well, we need to acknowledge whatever we are going through and accept  there is no way out, and off set it with an affirmation or any phrase or word that gives comfort, so although things are almost tragic it makes us so aware  that we are more conscious of whats going on within, and acceptance.

The daughters of Nyx and Goddess’s night are called MOIRAI or Erinyes or triple faced Hekate they are three in form and represent the three lunar phases the crescent, full, and dark of the Moon these in turn represent maiden fruitful wife and crone old age.

In Sumerian age that predates the Greek myth by some centuries the great Goddess was then called Ereshkigal (means Lady of the Great Place Below) who ruled the underworld of dead Ereshkigal had many servants and male adviser called Namtar whose name means fate, so there’s connection to the great place below and fate.

The Sumerian Queen of Heaven Inanna visits her sister in order to pay her respects to her sister’s late husband and is treated accorded to custom she is stripped naked and make to bow before her sister Ereshkigal.

This is basically the totality of us, our secrets our hidden from view, only to show up years later. Once we have traveled to the underworld we never come back the same way, we have to acknowledge so many different aspects of ourselves, we return naked, nothing left of the old self. So we receive a transformation, these revelations  are hidden from view, at another time we don’t even know we are there, other times we can acknowledge this fear, this darkness or negative energies and realise we have a choice of accepting and going through what feels like an eternity! We are there, we accept and go thought the rituals of release the goddess demands all to be released.   We can do it the hard way or the conscious way, but it has to be done.

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