Make A Wish

A heart-felt wish with pure intention will come true.
The magic lives in you x

What is a Wish?

A wish is asking for magic to bring something to you that can seem impossible.

A real wish comes from the heart. It is the voice of your soul that inspires you to want more. Often it’s a secret want that have held close for a very long time. 

Sometimes wishing is a call to destiny to get you back on track to your rightful path.

What is Magic?

Magic is a name we give to the understanding that everything is connected, a force that we can all tap into. We can create what we wish knowing the power lies within. The concept at work here is: ‘I think, therefore I am’.   

In focusing, you are creating a positive vibration and with your belief manifest your will. Wanting and focusing on something driven by love and light will attract what you want, making things happen the unconventional way!

Things to Consider When Making Your Wish

We are spiritual beings whose limits are the ones we place upon ourselves. We have forgotten the magic we hold inside.  We can make life as we want it to be, doesn’t mean to say you can have what you want work free! 

You can only wish for yourself. 

If you find yourself in a hard time for example you are in a relationship which fails, to wish that person back into your life interferes with that persons free will and constitutes dark magic. Instead you could use something like:

‘I wish to be in a joyful and intimate relationship which flows with love’

‘I wish to be in a relationship with someone who can be my best friend and lover’

Sometimes life hands out difficult times and it is always in those times that we have soul/karmic lessons that you just have to work through them and eventually life moves on. 

You never know what is round the corner, sometimes you just have to trust that the Goddess really does have a plan for you. (How you see the Divine is a personal vision and connection. There is no right or wrong just what feels right for you in your heart.)

Words of Warning:

Make sure your wish is positive and solely for yourself.  

Do not wish for another and remember that if you ever interfere with another’s free will it will rebound on you. 

If you wish to harm someone or bring misfortune to their door it will bring evil to your own door, into your heart and stain your soul for lifetimes to come.  Ultimately live and let live.

If you want to wish something positive for someone it would still be wrong, pass this on to them and then they can use their free will to choose to make a wish or not.


What are you wishing for?

Think about what you really want and how you want to express that in words.

Take time to centre yourself

Write your wish on a small piece of paper.

Hide your wish – it is very important that it remain secret until the wish is fulfilled.

Do not speak of your wish – if you do if will interfere and stop your wish coming true!

Every time you pass your hidden wish, know it is there you will add power for your wish to come true.

When your wish has come true

Take your written wish from its hiding place. Take it outside and burn it and let the wind take the ash.

Say a heartfelt thank you to the Universe (or however you see the Divine) and let the wind take the ash. 

When you are ready or when you want to you can make another wish.

Please let me know how you get on, any questions let me know and I will use them to improve this instruction sheet.

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